Online Colleges in Wyoming

Home to just one traditional four-year university, Wyoming is no stranger to alternative forms of education. In the past, residents who were unable to attend courses in person relied on Outreach Credit Programs that could be completed by mail. These have since evolved into online courses, available to students in any location.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Outreach Schools Mobile App

At the University of Wyoming it is easier than ever to keep up with your classes while on-the-go. The school now offers a mobile app called Outreach Schools. While most online programs promise to let you keep up with your assignments, discussions, and more anytime, anywhere, this one really means it. As long as you have a mobile device handy, you’re good-to-go.

Distance Education Courses

Central Wyoming College was one of the first schools in the state to offer distance education courses. Now seen as a pioneer of the movement, the school even offers resources to students to determine if this mode of study is right for them. A list of pertinent questions about distance education is available online for prospective students. From emails to instant messages, students and instructors are always able to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Wyoming Connections Academy

Online schools in Wyoming aren’t the only institutions taking advantage of the internet these days. Wyoming Connections Academy offers students in kindergarten through 12th grade the opportunity to enroll in a virtual school and earn credit outside of the classroom. Started in 2009, the academy has come a long way and shows no signs of slowing down. It has received national news coverage and has even won an award for exceptional curriculum. As people’s lives become ever-more-complicated, trends like this are likely to keep popping up.

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