Online Colleges in West Virginia

There are many options for students looking into online schools in West Virginia and the state has enacted several programs to support distance learning. Here are some recent online education initiatives in West Virginia.

Higher Learning Initiatives

West Virginia Learning Network

The West Virginia Learning Network (WVVLN) is a major web network of courses, degrees, and online schools in West Virginia. It consists of 11 state colleges and universities and ten community and technical colleges in the state. The WVVLN’s mission is to provide online degree programs and courses to all West Virginia citizens in a completely distance format. Any student in West Virginia who wishes to pursue online learning should visit the WVVLN first.

West Virginia Virtual School

The West Virginia Virtual School was established in 2000 by the West Virginia Legislature. It was created as a vehicle for course sharing throughout the K-12 and higher learning institutions in the state. The network works to promote efficacy and equity in courses within state schools, regardless of time and distance barriers. College students who complete any course provided as part of the virtual school can transfer their credits to their home institutions automatically, as long as the transfer is approved by the West Virginia Department of Education.

Online Readiness Tool

The Online Readiness Tool provided by the West Virginia Department of Education is a quick resource for students questioning their readiness for online programs. Students can complete the short quiz online to find their own readiness score, and will be able to answer questions about technology access, online communication comfort, research abilities, and learning styles to ascertain whether or not they are, in fact, prepared to take on an online course. The tool contains less than 30 questions and takes only a few minutes to complete.

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