Online Colleges in Oregon

Online education is slowly developing a strong presence in Oregon. Though there are several online schools in Oregon, Oregon State University is still leading the pack. Its Extended Campus (e-campus), which offers online degrees and professional and noncredit education classes, ranked eighth in the nation by Super Scholar for its quality of online education. By starting at the primary level, the state has made other attempts to lay the groundwork for future online schools in Oregon. Below are some of the latest initiatives helping Oregon’s higher education system prosper.

Higher Learning Initiatives


This initiative’s name might sound a bit obscure since it’s made up of numbers, but these digits state its goal directly: Oregon’s ambition is for 40% of its adults to earn bachelor or advanced degrees, 40 % to earn associate degrees or post secondary certificates, and the rest to have a high school diploma or equivalent by the year 2025. To help achieve this goal, the Oregon University System is working closely with the state to issue state- and system-wide policies and programs.

College Access Challenge Grant Programs

The state of Oregon has won two federal College Access Challenge Grant awards since 2008. The first was used to encourage adult learners to pursue a higher education, whether it was through traditional or online means. The second was used to implement college enrichment programs in K-12 schools for higher education preparedness and career exploration.

Oregon GEARUP: Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

The Oregon GEARUP program began in 2002 to help promote college awareness and career planning from primary and secondary students. Ideally, the goal is to increase the number of low-income students enrolled in post secondary programs. Although the initial GEAR UP grant lasted six years, a second federal grant won in 2008 will help fund activities through 2014.

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