Online Colleges in New York

Home to prestigious universities such as NYU and The New School, New York State clearly knows about high-quality higher education. It’s no wonder then that the online schools in New York are also top-notch and forward-thinking. As society becomes more immersed in the digital age, higher education is increasingly moving online. Schools throughout the state are toying with new technologies and incorporating them into the educational process. From the use of Google Apps, to the switch to cloud-based storage, online schools in New York represent the future of learning.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Cloud-Based Storage for Course Info

Evidence of New York’s online education movement is Buffalo State’s recent decision to use a cloud-based platform for online course information. The school, along with Arizona State University and University of Illinois-Springfield, will be using CourseSites, which has several innovative features such as self-enrollment and peer review options. Also, it comes ready with templates and themes, making it easy to use and get started. There’s even a mobile aspect to the technology that allows students and instructors to access courses through Android, Apple, Blackberry devices and more, so students may access assignments and work on the go.

Google Apps for Education

Another New York school making waves is NYU’s Stern School of Business. The institution, along with Buffalo State’s and several other educational entities across the world are using Google Apps for Education to make learning and studying a more collective, collaborative, and connected process. With this technology, course documents, calendars, and more are available anytime, anywhere with the click of a mouse. Free to users, it’s sure to be a part of many more schools and courses in the future.

Online Courses and Degrees

Many of New York’s public and private colleges offer a host of online courses, degrees, and certificates for students to pursue from anywhere in the state, country, or world. Many of the universities also offer searchable databases for students to find the program that best suits their needs. The SUNY Learning Network, a website created by the State University of New York system, provides information on all distance learning opportunities available through the system’s more than 40 campuses. New York-based Excelsior College is a distance-only adult-centered university that provides credit for prior learning and easily accessible ways for adults nationwide to complete their higher education.

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