Online Colleges in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has adopted several state-wide distance learning programs aimed at providing access for primary, secondary, and post-secondary students in Oklahoma. The following initiatives are examples of a few such programs and represent Oklahoma’s continued push for education technology development.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Online College of Oklahoma

The Online College of Oklahoma was created in 1998 by the Oklahoma State Board of Regents in response to a growing need for distance learning options in the state. The Online College of Oklahoma (OCO) is a database of online courses available through online schools in Oklahoma and traditional universities. The OCO provides direct access to over 3,400 online courses and 18 complete degree programs. Students can search for courses through the site, then enroll directly with individual colleges and universities.

Reach Higher

Reach Higher is a program for adults looking to complete their degrees. Working adults who wish to finish their associate or bachelor’s degrees can apply to the program and choose between online or on-campus course options. Adults must have completed at least 18 hours of college credit to begin the associate degree program and 72 hours to start the bachelor’s degree program. The program offers flexible enrollment periods (five times per year) and personalized schedules.

Oklahoma Connections Academy

Oklahoma Connections Academy is a public, tuition-free K-12 school that operates completely online. Students are able to learn from any location with an internet connection through individualized learning programs. The curriculum is state-approved and the teachers are state-certified. The academy also offers in-person learning activities, such as field trips, clubs, and group activities. The Oklahoma Connections Academy was a major development for education in Oklahoma and a huge step for online learning in the state.

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