Online Colleges in Virginia

Virginia’s online education sector is on the rise. Recognizing the immense benefits and growing demand for distance learning, many of Virginia’s educational institutions are expanding their offerings to the World Wide Web. From a recent arrangement with Coursera to an online catalog of state-wide courses, it’s clear that Virginia has its eye on a future of online education.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Coursera and the University of Virginia

The University of Virginia recently teamed up with Coursera to offer a handful of free online classes to the public. As a company, Coursera chooses to partner with prominent schools then carefully selects the course offerings that their partnership will offer. Presently, no official college credit is given for these classes, but they are part of a bigger movement that embraces online education as a whole. Initiatives like this will likely lead to an increase in online schools in Virginia as a whole.

Virtual Virginia

The recent agreement with Coursera is just one sign that Virginia is barreling toward the future of education. A few years ago, Virtual Virginia started. A program geared toward high school students looking to earn college credit online even before receiving their diploma, Virtual Virginia offers students the opportunity to take advanced placement courses online. It has been receiving positive acclaim since as early as 2007. This is a perfect example of the changing face of education. Online education is now becoming a more convenient, efficient process that can be altered to fit the needs of each individual.

Electronic Campus of Virginia

The Electronic Campus of Virginia is an initiative that connects people with the course offerings of Virginia’s public and private higher learning institutions. The comprehensive list details a myriad of course selections, including those that are offered exclusively online. This was one of the first steps Virginia made toward a more connected education experience. Like other developments that have since followed, this project aims to increase accessibility and convenience of higher education.

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