Online Colleges in Kansas

Furthering your education by earning a degree prepares you for a range of exciting careers and makes you more competitive for higher-paying jobs. Earning a degree from one of the best online colleges in Kansas also paves the way for a master’s program.

If you live in a region of Kansas without a nearby accredited university, you can explore a Kansas City online college or other online colleges in Kansas. Online courses allow you to enjoy the benefits of in-state tuition while deepening your local relationships and continuing to make community connections.

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Higher Learning Initiatives in Kansas

A PLUS Network

The A PLUS Network was established in 1989. A consortium of eight schools came together to create an interactive distance learning network. The network exists as a platform for Kansas schools to share courses between institutions. Sixteen classrooms in the district participate in the project. The A PLUS Network serves grades 9-12 but also stands as a model for Kansas’ dedication to distance learning development at all levels.

Kansas State University Distance Learning Scholarships

The Kansas State University Distance Learning Scholarships were established in 1974. The university currently offers many scholarships exclusively for distance learning students. Students can pursue nine bachelor’s degrees, 22 master’s degrees, 20 certificates, and one Ph.D. program online through KSU.

Popular Degree Programs in Kansas

Abundant with talent and land, Kansas’ two most common majors are agriculture and engineering.

  • Engineering: Engineering remains a broad term for industries that use principles of math, science, and technology to benefit society. Common engineering fields include civil engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering. If you desire to move society forward and learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects, consider focusing on engineering.
  • Agriculture: Professionals in this field use land and animals to produce food, medicine, and natural fibers. Agriculture-focused online college courses in Kansas typically teach mass production methods. If you want to manage your own large farm or agriculture business, consider taking a few business courses or pursuing a business minor.

Paying for College in Kansas

Many students feel excited when they sign up for classes and commit to a program; however, this excitement can transition to anxiety when your first tuition bill arrives. Don’t let the cost of college surprise you or keep you from chasing your dream job. Choosing an affordable online college does not necessarily mean sacrificing quality. In fact, the cheapest online college in Kansas might provide the best education.

Tuition Prices

Take a look at the average cost of a public two-year program and a public four-year program for point of reference when researching college prices. Keep in mind that the figures below don’t include other fees. When budgeting for college, save extra money for books, rent, and transportation.

Average Price for In-State Tuition and Fees by Institution Type, 2017-18

 Public Two YearPublic Four Year
U.S. Average$4,234$9,978

Source: College Board

Employment Outlook in Kansas

Kansas overflows with employment opportunities. In fact, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Although Kansas’ annual mean wage stands slightly below the national average, the state remains one of the cheapest places to live.

Whether you want to buy a house and raise a family or simply live in Kansas for a few years, the state boasts its fair share of impressive corporations with employment opportunities. Businesses with headquarters in Kansas City include Applebee’s, Hallmark, and the Sprint Nextel Corporation. Living in Kansas City allows you to reap the benefits of city life while savoring fresh air and nature.

Unemployment Rate, December 2018
United States3.8%

Source: BLS

Annual Mean Wage, May 2017
United States$50,620

Source: BLS

Accreditation for Colleges in Kansas

When researching online colleges in Kansas, pay attention to whether or not the institution is accredited. The U.S. Secretary of Education chooses private agencies to assess postsecondary schools. Some of these agencies hold certification to evaluate schools in a specific region, while other agencies receive certification to accredit schools across America. The accreditation process remains the same for both online and in-person colleges.

Attending a school with regional accreditation typically offers more benefits than attending a school with national accreditation, which is why this form of accreditation remains more popular. Students can easily transfer credits from regionally accredited schools because both regionally and nationally accredited schools accept these credits.

Make sure to research which agencies grant accreditation to your desired schools so you can determine whether or not the institution boasts regional or national accreditation. For example, the Higher Learning Commission grants colleges in Kansas regional accreditation. Online universities and online community colleges in Kansas should list their accrediting agency. Use the U.S. Department of Education’s database to verify your chosen college or university’s accreditation.

Scholarships for Kansas Online College Students

Tuition costs continue to climb. Luckily, foundations, schools, organizations, and businesses help offset these costs by offering scholarships. The most competitive scholarships are those open to any student in America. State-specific scholarships do not draw as many applicants and remain less competitive. To help guide your search, review the following list of 10 scholarships available to students in Kansas below.

Century of Reading Scholarship

Who Can Apply: High school students who either attend school or are homeschooled in Johnson County who read all 50 books listed on the Greenwood Public Library’s Century of Reading sculpture can apply.
Amount: $5,000

Apply Here

Dan L. Meisinger, Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The National Air Transportation Association awards this scholarship to students currently enrolled in an aviation program. Although any student may apply, students who live in Missouri, Kansas, or Illinois are given preference.
Amount: $2,500

Apply Here

Emporia State University’s Elberta Harris Scholarship

Who Can Apply: This funding is open to graduates of a Johnson County high school who apply to Emporia State University. Applicants must also plan to study elementary or secondary education, possess a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0, and demonstrate a history of community service involvement.
Amount: Varies

Apply Here

Irving W. Cook Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The American Radio Relay League awards this scholarship to a Kansas student who is a licensed radio amateur. Recipients must pursue a bachelor’s degree in electronics, communications, or a similar field.
Amount: $1,000

Apply Here

Kansas Security Commissioner’s Essay Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The Kansas security commissioner’s office awards scholarships to five high school seniors living in Kansas. Applicants must complete an essay and a Kansas Securities Commissioner or Kansas Bank Commissioner program to apply.
Amount: $500-$2,500

Apply Here

Kansas State University Scholarships

Who Can Apply: Kansas State University offers scholarships to both incoming freshmen and transfer students. Applicants do not need to live in Kansas. Recipients must attend school full time. The scholarship amount varies depending on GPA and ACT and SAT scores.
Amount: $500-$80,000

Apply Here

Korean American Scholarship Foundation Midwestern Regional Chapter Scholarship

Who Can Apply: The Midwestern regional chapter of the Korean American Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to students of Korean descent who attend school in the midwest. Applicants must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate financial need.
Amount: $500-$5,000

Apply Here

Outdoor Writers of Kansas Steve Harper Memorial Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Kansas high school seniors who plan to attend a college or university in Kansas to study wildlife or a nature-related topic should apply. Applicants must also show involvement in wildlife-related programs and high academic achievement.
Amount: $1,000

Apply Here

Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship

Who Can Apply: Permanent residents of Kansas or Missouri or students enrolled in a Missouri or Kansas university who attend school full time to earn a bachelor’s degree may apply. Tortoise awards three, one-time scholarships each year to students who possess an entrepreneurial spirit, at least a 3.3 GPA, and minimum ACT score of 24 or minimum SAT score of 1680.
Amount: $1,000-$3,000

Apply Here

University of Kansas Freshman Scholarships

Who Can Apply: Incoming freshmen attending the University of Kansas who live in Kansas may apply for this award. Students must possess a minimum 3.25 GPA paired with either an ACT score of 24 or an SAT score of 1160. The higher your high school GPA and test scores, the more money you are eligible to receive.
Amount: $4,000-$40,000

Apply Here

Resources for Students in Kansas

  • Credit for Prior Learning Tests: Consider taking a CPL test to get credit for certain college classes. The Kansas Board of Regents administers these tests.
  • DegreeStats: This database offers a quick glance at Kansas’ higher education institutions, the degrees they offer, and how many credits each program requires. High school students and their parents can use this helpful tool when researching potential colleges. Current undergraduate students who want to transfer to a different college and graduates researching a master’s program can also use this database.
  • Kansas Board of Regents: This organization supports college students who attend one of Kansas’ 32 public higher education institutions. The board administers Kansas’ grants and scholarships and oversees adult education, high school equivalency, and career and technical education programs. Students can also file formal complaints about their state university to the Kansas Board of Regents.
  • Kansas State Libraries: State libraries in Kansas created this research hub for students. Learners can access a historical and general knowledge database, an “ask a librarian” tool, and the library directory and catalog.

Online Schools in Kansas

Baker University

Baldwin City, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 55%
  • Average Net Price: $16,004

View Online Programs

Barclay College

Haviland, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 53%
  • Average Net Price: $20,851

View Online Programs

Central Christian College of Kansas

McPherson, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 35%
  • Average Net Price: $13,538

View Online Programs

Emporia State University

Emporia, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 42%
  • Average Net Price: $13,977

View Online Programs

Fort Hays State University

Hays, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 41%
  • Average Net Price: $11,758

View Online Programs

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 58%
  • Average Net Price: $15,820

View Online Programs

Kansas Christian College

Overland Park, KS

  • Graduation Rate: N/A
  • Average Net Price: N/A

View Online Programs

University of Kansas

Lawrence, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 64%
  • Average Net Price: $18,207

View Online Programs

Kansas Wesleyan University

Salina, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 40%
  • Average Net Price: $21,041

View Online Programs

MidAmerica Nazarene University

Olathe, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Average Net Price: $17,429

View Online Programs

Newman University

Wichita, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 43%
  • Average Net Price: $13,566

View Online Programs

Ottawa University-Kansas City

Overland Park, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 40%
  • Average Net Price: $18,157

View Online Programs

Ottawa University-Online

Ottawa, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 40%
  • Average Net Price: $18,157

View Online Programs

Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Average Net Price: $12,510

View Online Programs

Southwestern College

Winfield, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 51%
  • Average Net Price: $21,720

View Online Programs

Sterling College

Sterling, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 34%
  • Average Net Price: $16,141

View Online Programs

University of Saint Mary

Leavenworth, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 37%
  • Average Net Price: $15,092

View Online Programs

Tabor College

Hillsboro, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Average Net Price: $21,943

View Online Programs

Wichita State University

Wichita, KS

  • Graduation Rate: 41%
  • Average Net Price: $11,649

View Online Programs