Online Colleges in Kentucky

Online higher education has been on the rise in the state of Kentucky in recent years thanks to efforts by the Council on Postsecondary Education. The council has an entire committee called the Distance Learning Advisory Committee, dedicated to promoting online schools in Kentucky. The committee works to improve and implement the necessary infrastructure to permit students to take courses and earn their degrees remotely. The committee also discusses ways that they can improve existing online schools in Kentucky.

Higher Learning Initiatives

GEAR UP Kentucky

GEAR UP Kentucky is an education initiative aimed at increasing the number of people who go on to state colleges after graduating from high school. The Council on Postsecondary Education was given $26.9 million by the Kentucky state government to spend over a six-year period to cultivate a culture among younger students which encourages them to earn a higher education. Working with school educators and administrators, the GEAR UP Kentucky initiative strives to improve college enrollment by addressing five major areas in primary and secondary education. These include, giving students the aspiration to attend college; providing the educational rigor to prepare them; setting up expectations for higher education options; holding schools accountable for the success of students; and sustaining the effort to create a college-focused student body.

Regional Stewardship Program

The Regional Stewardship Program is a Kentucky-based initiative whereby the state universities support, build up, and reach out to the communities around them. Faculty, staff, and students work through the Regional Stewardship Program to lend their resources to surrounding communities in need. The initiative promotes development throughout communities in the state with the belief that improving the well-being of residents will result in a more robust and talented student body. Funds are available to state universities that allow them to organize, execute, and promote substantial community outreach and support initiatives.

P-16 Councils

P-16 Councils are coalitions of citizens, business owners, educators, and local officials who try to craft initiatives aimed at improving education at all grade levels, college included. The various P-16 Councils throughout Kentucky share the mutual goal of making education better and more attainable for all citizens. Among the many initiatives endorsed by P-16 Councils is Project Lead the Way, a national organization that works with educators and state legislators to promote science and math education among younger students, paving the way for tomorrow’s engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

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