Online Colleges in Ohio

The Ohio Board of Regents has been a strong force in the promotion and organization of distance learning programs available to students statewide. The following initiatives represent important strides for online schools in Ohio.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Ohio eTutoring Collaborative

Ohio eTutoring is a service that connects undergraduate students of Ohio colleges and universities to trained tutors online. The service is completely free of charge to both universities and students. Students can connect to tutors online with audio and video software, instant messaging, white boards, and document shares. Both online and traditional students are welcome, and students can take a tour of the service here.

Program Share

Program Share is a network of courses shared by the university system of Ohio. It allows students in Ohio to take courses from every institution in the network. Students can complete courses online, through interactive video distance learning, or in-person. The program allows higher education institutions to add to their course rosters without developing the courses in-house, and also provides the ability to expand their course enrollment and income. This is a mark of Ohio’s willingness to use distance technology to improve its higher education programs.


OhioLearns is a course catalog of every course and distance learning program available to Ohio students.As of fall 2010, OhioLearns has helped over 115,000 Ohio students connect to and enroll in distance learning courses. The catalog includes programs and degree plans from two- and four-year higher education institutions, both public and private. Students can search the catalog by course or degrees and certificates.

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