Online Colleges in Vermont

In an effort to compete with other states, Vermont has made several pushes to incorporate more technology in the classroom for all grade levels, as well as to expand the number of online schools in Vermont. The University of Vermont already offers online programs to its students. Vermont Law School was the first in the nation to offer online master’s degree programs in environmental law. To learn about other initiatives the state has made to improve higher education and pave the way for online learning, continue reading below.

Higher Learning Initiatives

The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative

The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative is a federal stimulus-funded program. It cooperates with public primary and secondary schools so that students have the opportunity to take courses online. These online courses can be applied to a home school diploma. They can also help students prepare for the digital world after graduation or enroll in online schools in Vermont. The VVLC also used as a training platform for educators to learn how to facilitate online courses.

The Learning Network of Vermont

The Learning Network of Vermont
is a video-based conferencing system that works with various public institutions to facilitate virtual field trips and expand opportunities for distance learning. The system also gives educators remote access to training facilities and digital meetings. The program was initiated seven years ago with the help of Verizon Wireless. The mobile company helped set up T-1 internet bandwidth, and donated hardware to the project.

Vermont E-Learning Project

The Vermont E-Learning Project is a collaborative effort of the Vermont Principals Association, the Tarrant Institute for Innovation Education, and VITA-Learn. It was launched specifically to help sustain technology integration in the classroom in select public schools, as well as enhance professional opportunities. To help complete its mission, the project was awarded $200,000 by the Vermont Department of Education.

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