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Nevada has recently made changes to its higher education system that are reflective of new priorities and in hopes of improving its national education reputation. After coming in dead last on various measures of online education, the state made a point to change its ways and make virtual education a top priority. Now, initiatives such as virtual high school classes and more are the norm and available throughout the state.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Distance Education Online Course Catalog

One of the first changes the state made in its quest to improve higher education and online education was to publish an online course catalog for students to use as a guide, based on the premise that the more students were aware of the online schools in Nevada and their distance education options, the more likely they would be to enroll. The degree lists 57 online degrees currently offered by the state’s colleges, as well as 15 certificate programs and 18 degrees that will soon be offered online. There is also a listing of more than 2,700 online courses offered by several state colleges.

Virtual High School

In Fall 2010, the Clark County School District began offering courses through its Virtual High School. Students don’t have access to just a few courses, but can earn full diplomas via this system. This has proved especially helpful when certain schools and teachers don’t offer the courses a student is seeking, and can mean making up courses when a student is behind, or accelerating the process to graduation.

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University of Nevada-Reno Bach, Doct, Master, Post-Bach Cert, Post-Master Cert NCCU View Profile
University of Nevada-Las Vegas Bach, Cert, Doct, Master, Post-Bach Cert, Post-Master Cert NCCU View Profile
Great Basin College Assoc, Bach, Cert, Post-Bach Cert NCCU View Profile
College of Southern Nevada Assoc, Bach, Cert NCCU View Profile
Western Nevada College Assoc, Bach, Cert NCCU View Profile
Truckee Meadows Community College Assoc, Cert NCCU View Profile
Kaplan College-Las Vegas Assoc, Cert ACCSC ACICS View Profile
Pima Medical Institute-Las Vegas Assoc, Cert ABHES View Profile
Northwest Health Careers Assoc, Cert ABHES View Profile
DeVry University-Nevada Assoc, Bach NCACS/THLC View Profile
International Academy of Design and Technology-Henderson Assoc, Bach ACICS View Profile
Roseman University of Health Sciences Bach, Doct, Master NCCU View Profile
University of Phoenix-Northern Nevada Campus Bach, Master, Post-Bach Cert NCACS/THLC View Profile
Carrington College-Reno Assoc, Cert ACICS View Profile
The Art Institute of Las Vegas Assoc, Bach, Cert ACICS View Profile
Nevada State College Bach NCCU View Profile
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