Online Schools is your comprehensive introduction to an online education. With increased availability and an ever-expanding range of courses to choose from, online enrollment is growing at an astounding rate. From elementary schools to the best online colleges, online schools vary in terms of methodology, cost, and quality.

Our guides help you find the right program for your needs. We explore the factors motivating millions of students to enroll in online courses, walk you through criteria to consider before enrolling, and offer tips to help you get started. We have guides for every stage of online learning, from K-12 to graduate school, and feature the most current assessment of online degrees and schools available.

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State higher education initiatives and offerings are evolving to keep up with the increasing demand for online education. Explore our database to learn more about the growth of online learning in your area, and to find a comprehensive directory of local schools with distance education options. Begin your research into the best online schools in your state that can help you meet your goals.
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The cost of education can be a cause of concern for many, especially when it comes to paying for a college or graduate degree. However, keep in mind that few students actually pay the full tuition sticker price. In fact, in the 2010-2011 school year, 85% of students received financial aid to help reduce the cost of going to school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Online students are also eligible for this financial assistance; learn more about your aid options with our guides.

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Visual Academy is Online Schools’ novel attempt at furthering education and creating a hunger for more knowledge through the use of visual learning techniques.
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Allison Steers

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Try to relate everything that you learn to a real-life scenario. All of the material that I learn has to do with business management, so I try to think of ways that I can use what I am learning at work...
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