Online Colleges in Washington

As the digital age powers on, education continues to evolve. More schools are now boasting online options as well as other alternatives for students. This trend is not just limited to online schools in Washington. Now high school students can also benefit from technology-aided programs, as the state offers an academy for them to pursue credit outside of the classroom as well.

Higher Learning Initiatives

New Online University

In 2011, Washington’s legislature approved the state’s first-ever nonprofit online university. New Online University offers more than 50 bachelors and masters programs, illustrating just how much the state is embracing the distance education trend. Sources have said that this university once again makes Washington a top innovator when it comes to online education. As with other online education programs, the school’s courses and programs are designed to be rigorous yet flexible.

Washington Online

A collaboration between students, colleges, and educators in the area, Washington Online is an initiative with the purpose of providing students with the best possible online learning experiences. Funded by the Learn Anytime Anywhere Partnerships, the program offers a comprehensive course list. Offerings include everything from Composition I to Educational Law. The website includes a myriad of resources available to both students and teachers alike.

Internet Academy

Up and running since 1996, the Internet Academy is for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The state’s very first online school, it offers students the chance to enroll in placement testing and academic courses online. This program saves students and parents time, money, and headaches, as they can complete their studies at their leisure. One of the best things about the Internet Academy is it’s tuition-free if you live in the state.

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