Online Colleges in Pennsylvania

Online schools in Pennsylvania have developed no faster or slower than the average rate of all other states. Most of the state’s public universities offer a range of online degree programs, including the private and Ivy league University of Pennsylvania. Both state-funded and private online education programs also exist for elementary, middle, and high school students. The most recent education initiatives promoting online learning in the state of Pennsylvania are listed below.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Pennsylvania Hybrid Learning Initiative

The Pennsylvania Hybrid Learning Initiative launched a pilot program in the fall of 2011. The program was developed to help personalize instruction for K-12 students. As a new coalition in the state, the program hopes to help both students and teachers across Pennsylvania gain access to the best resources and tools for learning. It was designed by Education Elements, a private organization that helps school systems design blended learning solutions.

PA Universities Online

PA Universities Online is an online resource provided by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), one of the state’s comprehensive university systems. The site provides a wide range of information about the online programs offered at each of its campuses. Visitors to the website can use its search engine to quickly find schools that offer both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses and programs. Once a visitor has narrowed their search, additional information about each online course or degree program can be found by linking to each institution’s official website.

Cyber Charter Schools

Though there are now 13 cyber charter schools operating in Pennsylvania, one of the first to appear on the scene was The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. Founded in 2000 and since inspiring other cyber charter schools in the state to follow suit, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School was developed to provide high-quality education to all Pennsylvania students, regardless of school district. Although each of the state’s cyber charter schools offer different courses and program types, they all operate with a similar mission including preparing students to take the Pennsylvania state standardized test required by all traditional public schools. Today, thousands of Pennsylvania students receive their education through these online schools.

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