Online Colleges in Idaho

With the digital revolution in full swing, many schools and universities in Idaho are incorporating new technologies into their curriculum and processes. In addition to just an increase in online schools in Idaho, there have been several notable initiatives reflecting this increased use of technology. From a web-based math platform, to a plan to make more online courses available to students at every level, the state of Idaho has been busily progressing with the times.

Higher Learning Initiatives

Think Through Math

An early version of Think Through Math started in 2005 as a program called Apangea Math. Much like the current model, it was a web-based tutoring platform that connected students with live teachers online. The newer model is very similar to this first version, but has expanded to include more options such as bilingual teachers and more specialized instruction. The purpose of this initiative is to get students of every level comfortable with the subject matter and college and career ready.

Idaho Digital Learning Academy

Created in 2002 by the state legislature, the Idaho Digital Learning Academy is an online secondary school. State-sponsored and accredited, this institution promotes flexibility and accessibility when it comes to education, without sacrificing quality or dependability. This initiative has enjoyed great success and a positive response, which is likely only to grow over the years as more students opt for online education. With busy schedules and personal and professional obligations, virtual education is a very appealing and practical option for many. Since its start, more than 65,000 students have enrolled.

Idaho Electronic Campus

Started in 2000, the Idaho Electronic Campus links users to more than 1,600 online courses offered throughout the state. The classes offered are all through Idaho’s seven publicly funded campuses. Although the course work and class is online, admission, tuition, and more is all handled directly through the specific school offering the course. This whole initiative began to come about in 1999 when the chief technology officer of the State Board of Education was directed to more fervently pursue Idaho’s future in distance learning.

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Online Schools in Idaho

Boise State University

Boise, ID

  • Graduation Rate: 29%
  • Average Net Price: $16,126

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Brigham Young University-Idaho

Rexburg, ID

  • Graduation Rate: 52%
  • Average Net Price: $8,103

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Lewis-Clark State College

Lewiston, ID

  • Graduation Rate: 26%
  • Average Net Price: $13,022

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Northwest Nazarene University

Nampa, ID

  • Graduation Rate: 55%
  • Average Net Price: $20,475

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University of Idaho

Moscow, ID

  • Graduation Rate: 56%
  • Average Net Price: $14,482

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