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Online PhD in Training and Performance Improvement
An online PhD in Training and Performance Improvement prepares individuals for career advancement,in the form of leadership roles. An online PhD in training and performance improvement from a top institution provides the knowledge and skill set to take on a variety of career paths, from corporate settings to a teaching environment.

Online PhD in Training and Performance Improvement Requirements

An online doctorate program in training and performance improvement requires time and commitment using a self-directed learning format. Successful PhD candidates must exhibit strong skills in critical thinking, research, and problem solving. Students seeking to achieve an online doctoral degree in training and performance improvement are preparing to enter into higher level roles in education and education delivery. Successful completion of coursework and subsequent employment will rely on strong dedication to achieve and train others in necessary skills.

Candidates for an online PhD in training and performance improvement are required to have a master’s degree from a regionally accredited master’s degree granting institution. Ideally, the master’s degree should be in one of the following fields:

  • Master in Education
  • Master in Education Administration
  • Master in Counseling
  • Master in Organizational Psychology

Additionally, many online PhD training and performance improvement students have work experience as teachers, tutors, educational administrators, or counselors.


According to the Online Education Database, students in an online doctoral program in training and performance improvement will explore educational training and delivery. A good online doctorate degree in training and performance improvement is designed to address real training and work challenges in the education and work industry. Programs typically take 2-3 years to complete, and generally require 60 college credit hours. Students are normally required to produce doctoral papers based on current research in the training and performance improvement field, excel in exams, and design and complete a thorough dissertation based on relevant needs in the field.

Course Information

The best online PhD programs in training and performance improvement stress application of current research to advancing educational delivery and student success. Some classes may include:

  • Introduction to Training and Performance Systems: This course teaches students about the history and evolution of training and performance improvement systems. They explore the role of the human performance improvement process, and how it applies to performance management, coaching, and career and organizational development.
  • Designing Training and Performance Solutions: Students learn about the training and performance solutions used in information, resources, incentives, knowledge, and capacity. Theoretical models and introduced and applied to solution-focused thinking.
  • Survey of Human Resource Development Research: Human development research is explored with a focus on identifying how theory and research can be used to solve current human resource development challenges.
  • Coaching for High Performance: Learners delve into the theoretical approaches used to improve learning, decision-making, and performance. This course presents models for coaching and providing essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  • The Delivery of Distance Education: This course discusses the various delivery systems for distance education currently in use, including interactive television, satellite dissemination, and wireless networking.

Specializations and Concentrations

Individuals who pursue an online training and performance improvement doctorate normally seek to advance their career as an educational leader in training and education delivery. Students can choose to further focus on a concentration such as:

  • Education Training
  • Career Services

Careers in Training and Performance Improvement

Individuals who earn an accredited online doctorate in training and performance improvement can seek employment in a variety of training and vocational positions. Some popular career opportunities for graduates from top online PhD programs in training and performance improvement include:

  • Chief learning officer: Chief learning officers evaluate how well a school or training program’s curriculum, or plan of study, meets students’ needs. They use this research to recommend improvements and develop procedures for proper academic delivery. Chief learning officers can look for an average salary of around $93,250 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a projected growth of 23% by the year 2018.
  • Training Director: Training directors are responsible for the development of curricula, selecting textbooks and other materials, training teachers, and assessing educational programs. They assist in integrating new technology in the classroom. A training director can make an average yearly salary of $75,000. There is a projected growth in this field of 23% by the year 2018.
  • Manager of Learning and Performance Improvement: Managers of learning and performance improvement are trained to enhance student learning and monitor the introduction of new technology into a school’s curriculum. They remain current on new technologies and training formats that could be integrated into current practices. These managers can make an average of $56,880 annually, with predicted growth in this field in the 23% range by the year 2018.
  • Career Counselor: Career counselors are responsible for helping individuals with career decisions. They explore and evaluate the client’s skills, interests, and experience to determine vocations that would be a good fit. They may administer aptitude and achievement tests to help the client make career decisions. Career counselors help the client prepare a resume and practice for job interviews. A career counselor has the ability to make an average yearly salary of $35,220. Growth in this field is moderate, with a projected increase of 14% by the year 2018.
  • Professor: Professors teach courses in their subject area or area of specialization and education. They may instruct undergraduate or graduate students or both, by giving lectures and seminars. They prepare exercises and activities designed to help students learn the material. They grade exams and papers; and advise and work with students individually. Professors who are full time can earn around $79,439, with moderate potential growth or 15% by the year 2018.

A doctoral degree in training and performance improvement from a top online school equips students with the knowledge to pursue a wide variety of employment opportunities.