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Online PhD in Nursing
The field of nursing presents a plethora of rewarding opportunities for all persons involved in this occupation. By obtaining an online PhD in Nursing, one can greatly expand their career opportunities, enabling prospective nurses to reach into any facet of nursing. The coursework involved in achieving a top online doctorate in nursing will help one to expand his or her skills in order to provide better services to the patient. Accredited online doctoral programs in nursing allow one to learn more about this field while simultaneously putting his or her existing skills to work in a daytime job.

Online PhD in Nursing Requirements

The process that is required to achieve a good online doctorate in nursing typically involves a large amount of work and multiple hours of independent study. However, as long as students have a solid work ethic, they will find the results of their work to be rewarding. Top online PhD programs in nursing require students to be ambitious, to be intellectually adept, and to possess excellent time management skills.

In order to pursue an online PhD, students must have obtained a master’s degree in one of the following fields:

  • Master of Science in Health Administration
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing Education

Students who are pursuing online doctoral degrees in nursing will oftentimes hold a position as a general health practice nurse, an educational health services nurse, or an assisted living care nurse.


Nurses who achieve the best online PhD in nursing will go on to work in specialized, critical care environments. Therefore, the best online doctoral programs in nursing require students to learn about extensive health care skills in their area of expertise, and also about how to handle their responsibilities in a stressful environment. Good online doctoral programs in nursing generally require about four years for completion.

Course Information

Good online PhD degrees in nursing require an extensive amount of coursework in order to ensure that the student is prepared for intensive, in-depth responsibilities in their field. Nursing students pursuing their PhD online will study philosophical, theoretical, and administrative health sciences, as well as numerous courses designed to further the student’s patient treatment skills. The courses involved in accredited online PhD programs in nursing will include:

  • Philosophy of Science in Nursing: Students learn about the philosophical history of the practice of nursing. This course is designed to give its students a deeper understanding of this field’s evolution, allowing them to study the scientific and moral significances of nursing.
  • Methods and Processes of Nursing Knowledge Development: This course explores the vast array of information that nursing requires and asks the student to consider whether or not such information has limits. It is designed to provoke students to study the meaning of their chosen field in a deeper manner.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research: Students learn how to accurately separate nursing research into two categories, and how to study each piece of information for its consequent categorized implications.
  • Advanced Health Care Statistics: This course expands on students’ prior knowledge of the proper reporting of statistics and information in health care literature. If focuses on using logical approaches to analyze research and teaches students how to use statistical software more efficiently.
  • Contemporary Substantive Nursing Knowledge: This course teaches its students how to expand the available fields of nursing research using theoretical approaches. It teaches the students how to utilize existing information to broaden and expand their thought processes.

Specializations and Concentrations

There are innumerable different specializations that a nurse can pursue with an online PhD. Concentrations are available for nurses in every facet of the entire medical field. With an online doctorate, a nurse can essentially choose any specialization that he or she wishes, including highly critical positions that are typically reserved for those with the most experience and highest levels of education.

Online doctoral programs in nursing include the following specializations and concentrations:

  • Radiology Nursing
  • Cardiac Nursing
  • Gynecology Nursing
  • Nursing Education
  • Assisted Care Nursing
  • Forensic Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Anesthetics
  • General Care Nursing


After receiving an online PhD in nursing, one has an enormous range of different occupations that he or she could choose from. The following are just a few of the many careers that are available to doctorate-level nurses:

  • Nurse Practitioner: Nurse practitioners combine nursing and general health care services that typically would have been reserved for a doctor. These nurses earn an average of about $89,000 per year. Job growth in the coming years is expected to be excellent, at a rate of 23% through 2018.
  • Nursing Midwives: Nursing midwives provide health care and education to expecting mothers and also assist doctors during the mother’s labor and childbirth. Annually, these nurses earn an average of $90,010. The estimated job growth for nursing midwives is expected to be much higher than the national average at 25% through 2018.
  • Nurse Anesthetists: Nurse anesthetists are responsible for the safe administration of anesthesia during surgical procedures. Their role is vital to ensure that the patient undergoes his or her operation without harm. With an average salary of $168,500 per year, nurse anesthetists hold the highest-paid position in their field, and job growth is expected to occur at a rate of 23%.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist: Clinical nurse specialists treat patients in a specific concentration of their choosing, such as a certain disease or a particular medical environment. These nurses earn about $83,000 annually. Job growth is expected to occur at a rate of 22%.
  • Nurse Administrators: Nurse administrators oversee the roles of other nurses in their practice, organizing and directing each nurse according to the practice’s circumstances. Each year, these nurses earn roughly $72,080. Job growth in this occupation is anticipated to be excellent, with an expected rate of 23% through 2018.

Nursing is a rewarding field for any student to pursue. By obtaining an online doctorate in nursing from top online schools, one will be able to participate in an enormous range of medical aspects.