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Online PhD in Information Technology Education
An accredited online PhD in Information Technology Education helps students deepen their skills in IT, and also allows for a good deal of customization. Since most prospective students are already working in the field, an online program can provide the flexibility most desire. Top online PhD degrees in information technology education are the best learning choice for those who wish to gain accredited training while continuing to work in their chosen areas.

Online PhD in Information Technology Education Requirements

Good online PhD programs in information technology education will give the student a broad and comprehensive knowledge of information technology applications. The student can then choose to concentrate on one of several areas, garnering both a general and a specialized education.

Students pursuing top online doctoral programs in information technology education generally have a master’s degree in a related IT field, such as:

  • Technology Management
  • Computer Science/Computational Science
  • Systems Engineering
  • Management Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Managing Innovation and Information Technology
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Information Sciences
  • Computer Networking and Telecommunications

Most students are already working in IT and pursue the online doctorate in information technology to keep current with available knowledge. Sometimes, students pursue the online information technology PhD in order to teach.


Accredited online doctorate degrees in information technology will generally take between two and four years to complete, including coursework and dissertation. Students pursuing an information technology PhD online will be expected to participate in online seminars, complete mandatory readings, and write comprehensive essays. The dissertation portion of the online information technology doctorate will be completed with the help of an adviser.

Course Information

Coursework for the best online PhD programs in information technology will give a student basic knowledge, while offering opportunities for an area of concentration. A sampling of required classes for online doctoral degrees in information technology might include:

  • Information Technology Research: This class examines recent developments in IT research, and allows students to research a topic of their own choosing.
  • Information Technology Delivery: This course concentrates on proactive services information technology must deliver if it is to provide adequate support to businesses and organizations.
  • Advances in Information Technology: This course tracks the development of certain trends in information technology.
  • Information Technology Technical Foundations: This class explores networks and systems analysis.
  • Information Technology Strategy and Management: This course explores necessary managerial actions to insure that information is made available and used correctly.

Specializations and Concentrations

In good online doctorate programs in information technology, a student choose to perform extended research in a discipline of their own choosing. A partial listing of concentrations would include:

  • Information Security
  • Network Architecture and Design
  • Technology Education
  • Technology Management


Students embarking on an online information technology PhD do so for many reasons. They might want to make themselves more attractive to prospective employers, or improve their career opportunities within a certain company. Many just want to keep their skills as up-to-date as possible.

Some of the available career opportunities include:

  • Corporate Researcher: Corporate researchers perform market analysis for businesses and organizations. On average, corporate researchers draw an annual salary of $94,721. Prospects for a job in corporate research are high.
  • IT Project Manager: IT project managers develop requirements, draw up budgets, and set schedules for various IT projects. On average, IT project managers make $115,065 per year. Job prospects are very high.
  • Computer Network Security Consultant: Computer network security consultants guide the security of computer networks for businesses, governments, and other institutions. Computer network security consultants charge hourly rates, which vary from project to project; most, however, charge around $70 an hour. Job prospects for computer network security consultants remain high.
  • Software Developer: Software developers research, design, develop, and test software. On average, software developers earn $79,900 a year. Job prospects for software developers remain very high.
  • Information Technology Professor: IT professors instruct top online schools in a variety of subjects related to the field of information technology. Salaries vary according to institution and degrees held, but the average salary for a professor of information technology hovers around $79,990. With the number of jobs in IT increasing every year, the prospects for someone teaching IT are very good.

An online PhD in information technology is an excellent choice for anyone who has computer experience or training. IT is a fast-growing field, and the demand for those with the appropriate skills and knowledge remain high. Online doctorate programs in information technology will provide vast career opportunities.