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Online PhD in Industrial Technology
Industrial technology is the science of producing things, and it’s a science that is growing at a rapid rate. New developments emerge almost daily that help make businesses more profitable, more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more globally linked. With an accredited online PhD in Industrial Technology, students will find themselves right in the middle of a cutting-edge industry. An online industrial technology PhD will teach students how to minimize cost and risk while maximizing efficiency and output. Graduates of online doctoral programs in industrial technology will be on track to become leaders in the development of new scientific technologies. An online industrial technology PhD can take a graduate to the top of the manufacturing and business sectors.

Online PhD in Industrial Technology Requirements

Those seeking to enter accredited online doctoral programs in industrial technology should have career experience in manufacturing or business, as well as analytical and writing skills. A top online doctorate in industrial technology will require the student to balance personal, work and academic obligations during the course of the program.

Most top online PhD programs in industrial technology require that the applicant already have a master’s degree in a related field. Some of the best master’s degrees for online PhD programs in industrial technology include:

  • Industrial Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science

Students who pursue online doctorate programs in industrial technology are often managers, factory foremen, software engineers, or work in CAD drafting or building information modeling.


Online doctoral degrees in industrial technology offer a balance of both theoretical industrial knowledge and hands-on application of that knowledge. This process includes class discussion, analysis, and extensive writing.

Course Information

In the courses taken in online doctorate degrees in industrial technology, students will learn cutting-edge scientific knowledge of industrial technology and the best techniques for applying it in their current jobs, as well as the careers they might hold in the future. Some of the classes students may be required to take include:

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Drafting: This course provides students with necessary skills in computer-aided design.
  • Communication Technology: This course examines the role of communication technologies, with particular emphasis on social and cultural influences and the development of “new media.”
  • Power Technology: This course examines different facets of the power industry, including electric power, solar, and nuclear.
  • Circuits and Systems: In this class, the students learn the design of analog integrated circuits in CMOS technology.

Specializations and Concentrations

Industrial technology PhD online students can choose to take classes in certain areas of industrial technology, sharpening their skills in preparation for further work in a field of their choice. Some of the concentrations that are available include:

  • Industrial Psychology
  • Management
  • Materials Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Industrial Technology
  • Industrial Distribution
  • Industrial Technology
  • Biotech-Manufacturing
  • Ergonomics
  • Plant layout
  • Robotics Supply Chain Engineering
  • Statistics Economic Decision Analysis (EDA)
  • Human-Integrated Systems
  • System Informatics and Control


Graduates with online PhD degrees in industrial technology are qualified for upper-level management, engineering, design, production, or academic positions. Some good career choices for someone with an online industrial technology doctorate include:

  • Industrial Production Manager: Industrial production managers coordinate both equipment and people in the production process. They earn between $78,090 and $97,860 per year.
  • Industrial Engineer: Engineers apply the principles of industrial technology to the actual manufacturing of products. They earn about $214,000 a year.
  • Cost Estimator: Most cost estimators work in construction. They use their technical knowledge to help companies formulate and adhere to budgets. They earn between $54, 670 and $65,410 per year.
  • Computer Systems Analyst: This is a fast-growing field, and is vital to industrial technology, since most technological innovations begin with computer designs. Computer systems analysts may make up to $89,670 annually.

An online doctorate in industrial technology provides students with the technical and managerial knowledge pursue leadership roles within the industry. Acquiring an online PhD in industrial technology from top schools online may provide a wide spectrum of career opportunities.