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Online Landscape Certificate Programs
Online landscape programs are intended to cover the technical and scientific aspects of outdoors landscaping, as well as the business management and aesthetic components of the industry. Following successful completion of an online landscape certificate, graduates will have the skills necessary to begin a landscaping business, work with a landscape contractor, or work for a golf course, resort, or public or private garden.

Online Landscape Training

Accredited online landscape certification programs from top online schools generally require around 10 to 15 credit units worth of study, which will amount to around 150 hours of formal instruction. Students receive their online landscape diploma as an undergraduate.

Individuals studying for their landscape certificate online will take a number of landscape courses online that are designed to teach landscape design, maintenance and more. A few of the top online landscape courses are listed below.

  • Residential Landscaping: This component of landscape training online teaches students how to identify and correct yard problems, such as pests, weeds and soil issues. Landscape certification online students will also learn to identify trees, shrubs and grasses pertinent to residential landscaping.
  • Landscape Design: The best landscape programs online will contain a course in landscape design. This course examines how to evaluate the natural features of a site, prepare bids, create estimates, and integrate trails and walls into a landscape.
  • Landscape Maintenance: As students pursue a landscape diploma online, they usually take a landscape maintenance course that teaches how to feed and water plants, control weeds, eliminate pests and comply with safety guidelines related to chemicals used in landscape maintenance.

An online landscape certificate usually consists of several required courses and very few electives.

Careers and Job Prospects

People who complete landscape certificate programs online are qualified to work as landscape architects. If students choose to pursue this career, they could work in a number of industries such as real estate, local government, state government, buildings and dwelling service, or lawn and garden equipment and supply.

An average annual salary of $65,910 is paid to individuals who have completed landscape certification programs online. Employment among landscape architects is expected to increase by up to 20% over the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Elevated levels of new construction and the renovation of existing landscapes are cited as primary reasons for this growth.