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Washington D.C. as a territory is more formally known as the District Columbia. It is the capital of the United States and for obvious associative reasons is an epicenter of politics, education, industry, law, and public administration. D.C. is considered its own “federal district” meaning that it’s technically not actually a part of any of the fifty states. It is situated on the border between Maryland and Virginia, and, ironically, until 1961 residents of the area could not vote in presidential elections.

Online Schools in Washington D.C. certainly exist at both the collegiate and high school levels. The George Washington University has an online learning program that has developed considerably over the last five years. The school offers courses completely online that lead to bachelor’s, master’s, and associate degrees as well as to graduate-level certifications. George Washington U. also offers hybrid programs and a special, growing set of individual courses that interested learners can selectively combine and tailor to their interests.

The Community Academy Public Charter School (CAPCS) Online of Washington D.C. is an online school meant for K-8 graders, and prides itself on giving students the opportunity to learn in styles and at paces that are uniquely molded to specific people. The school offers public field trips and extracurricular activities, flexible advanced learner programs, an option for full-time, tuition-free enrollment, and support from highly qualified teachers in the state. In a nutshell: it brings school home to a child. While often criticized, public K-12 education is making leaps and bounds across the nation.

There are several other universities that offer online schooling in Washington D.C., but it’s important to note that the area strikes a singular balance between what it offers to people of all different age levels. Whereas other states might focus more on their collegiate offerings or have more robust K-12 entities, D.C. appears to have a mix of both all provided below for research purposes.

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