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Online Computer Security Training Programs
Online computer security certificate programs teach students how to protect important information stored on computer systems. Students who obtain their online computer security diploma have a complete understanding of how to control access to a company’s computer network.

Online Computer Security Training

Students need to earn between 20 and 88 credits depending on where they get their computer security certification online. It takes students anywhere from 9 months to three years to finish online computer security certification programs. Students can take computer security programs online as either an undergraduate or a graduate.

Computer security training online courses range from basic to advanced. Some examples of online computer security courses include:

  • Computer Security Management: Computer security courses online give students seeking a computer security diploma online an in-depth understanding of building large computer systems. They teach students earning an online computer security certificate about design principles and maintenance systems as well as how to secure a web server and protect it from new threats.
  • Writing Secure Code: Students working toward a computer security certificate online must have the ability to write code that is not easily penetrated by security threats. The best computer security programs online teach students how to fix already existing code and how to write new code that is not vulnerable to attacks.
  • Securing Web Applications: This course gives students seeking accredited computer security training online information on how to deal with vulnerabilities in cookie-based attacks, cross domain attacks and SQL injection. Top online computer security programs will also discuss encryption and caching.

Careers and Job Prospects

People who complete computer security certification programs online are eligible for a wide variety of jobs including security analysts, computer systems specialists, computer security engineers, threat analysts and cyber security researchers.

Students who graduate from good computer security schools online make a mean salary of $58,190. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs that people who complete computer security certificate programs online are eligible for are expected to grow faster than the average career through 2014. Almost every major company today uses complex computer networks, putting people who have taken online computer security programs in high demand.