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Online Carpentry Training Programs
Carpentry is one of the largest career fields in the United States. Students can gain the necessary technical knowledge to begin a rewarding career in carpentry by participating in one of the many good carpentry certification programs online.

Online Carpentry Training

Online carpentry programs begin at the undergraduate level, meaning that a previously acquired college degree from an offline or online university is not required to get a carpentry certification online. Most carpentry training courses online have a 2 semester duration and require anywhere from 10 to 20 credit hours.

There are standard online carpentry courses that every carpentry training online program requires. Some these carpentry courses online are:

  • Mathematics for Carpenters: Carpenters of all types need to have a firm grasp on basic geometry and other mathematical knowledge, which is required to make even cuts, symmetrical woodwork and correctly sized pieces. Online carpentry certificate students take applied mathematics courses that emphasize how math is used in the real world of carpentry.
  • House Framing: Residential and commercial structure building is a fundamental aspect of accredited carpentry certificate programs online. The best carpentry programs online provide students with the know-how to be confident in cutting wall studs, forming exterior walls and marking plates.
  • Business Economics: A large percentage of students who receive their carpentry certificate online go on to start their own small business. Because of this, top online carpentry certification programs almost always teach business economics, which covers the fundamental components of finance as they relate to small carpentry businesses.

Careers and Job Prospects

Approximately 32% of the graduates of online carpentry certificate programs go on to work for themselves. Others who have received an online carpentry diploma perform a variety of tasks related to constructing, installing and repairing structures for commercial carpentry firms and contractors.

The average salary for people who have received a carpentry diploma online is $36,051. The job market for carpenters with an online carpentry diploma is expected to rise 13% in the next ten years. This increase is due to population growth.