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Online Bachelors in Marketing
An online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing teaches students how to efficiently communicate products and goods to consumers. Focal points of this program are in advertisement strategy, product development and management, and distribution and sales. Graduates of a bachelor’s in marketing from a school online can pursue positions as part of marketing campaigns, brand development firms, and sales teams.

Online Bachelors Degrees in Marketing Requirements

Prospective students often display strong characteristics in creativity, collaboration, and communication. Someone considering an accredited online bachelor of marketing degree should ask him or herself:

  • Am I a good communicator?
  • Am I confident? Motivated? Up for a challenge?
  • Am I able to empathize with the problems and challenges facing consumers?
  • Am I a team player?
  • Am I creative?


Top online marketing bachelor’s degree programs typically take between 4 to 5 years to complete. The best types of degrees available through the best online bachelor of marketing programs include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in Business/Marketing

Course Information

Courses in an online bachelors in marketing will cover basic business subjects, such as communication, internet marketing, and sales. Other courses for an online bachelors degree in marketing might include:

  • Buyer Behavior: In this online bachelors marketing course, students will learn about the psychological and emotional processes people use to come to a decision, and how that affects marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Communications: This course details the various methods, approaches, and utilities that can be used to convey marketing campaigns, from Twitter to magazine ads.
  • Marketing Research: This course will teach online bachelor marketing students how to find and analyze the information they need to formulate an effective marketing campaign.
  • Business Marketing: In this class, online bachelor’s marketing students will learn all about the business-to-business aspect of marketing.
  • Global Marketing: With the rise of the internet, marketing has gone global. Branding and selling need to appeal to demographics around the world, and this online bachelor marketing class will teach students how to do that.

Specializations and Concentrations

The specialties and concentrations often available through good online bachelor degree programs in marketing include:

  • New Media and Internet Marketing
  • Retailing
  • Sales
  • Diversified Concentration
  • E-Commerce
  • Sports Marketing


Graduates with an online marketing bachelors degree will be able to go directly into any number of exciting and fulfilling careers, such as:

  • Marketing Implementation Manager: In this job, graduates from online bachelor degree programs in marketing will develop and carry out marketing project plans. Salary for a marketing implementation manager with an online bachelor of marketing is generally $77,722 a year. Job prospects for marketing implementation managers are excellent.
  • Operations Manager: This career involves managing the daily operations of a business, making sure each department communicates effectively with others. Operations managers with an online bachelor of marketing degree bring home, on average, $59,864 annually. Job prospects for operations managers are expected to remain strong.
  • Sales Manager: The sales manager sets sales quotas for the whole sales team, and uses marketing techniques to increase sales. Average annual salary for sales managers with an online bachelor of marketing degree is $73,178. Job prospects for sales managers are projected to remain excellent.
  • Copywriter: A copywriter writes advertising copy for the promotion of goods and services. While salaries for copywriters vary widely from company to company, the average copywriter with an online marketing bachelor degree makes $56,609 a year. Prospects for copywriters are expected to be quite strong in the foreseeable future.
  • Public Relations Specialist: A public relations specialist handles organizational functions on behalf of their customers. Public relations specialists make approximately $55,035 a year. Job prospects are expected to remain excellent, though competition for these jobs will be keen.

Graduates with an accredited online bachelor degree in marketing will enter the job market prepared to meet the challenges of business life head-on. An online bachelors degree program in marketing will help build the foundation in which a career success can base itself on. Graduates can expect many career opportunities, with lucrative pay and a creative outlet.