Online Associate in Homeland Security
An online Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security opens students to a variety of skill areas, including disaster planning and response, law enforcement, and intelligence. While commonly pursued by members of law enforcement agencies and military personnel, an online associate’s in homeland security provides all students with a wide breadth of knowledge in this unique area. As homeland security issues range from technology to organizational structure, strong job growth in this area is expected and online homeland security associate’s degrees are in demand.


Students interested in pursuing an online associate’s degree in homeland security should possess a strong interest in government policy, disaster preparedness, and human behavior. Graduates must have exceptional writing and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to use good judgment in making quick, efficient decisions. In addition, the understanding of government agencies and organizational thinking will aid a graduate with an associates degree in homeland security.


Accredited online associate’s degree programs in homeland security typically take 2 years of full-time study to complete. Students can earn the following types of online associate degrees in homeland security:

  • Associate of Arts in Homeland Security (AA Degree in Homeland Security)
  • Associate of Science in Homeland Security (AS Degree in Homeland Security)

Many online associate’s homeland security students transfer into an online bachelor’s degree in homeland security program upon the completion of their degree.

Course Information

Coursework required for an online associate’s degree in homeland security from a school online range in specialization, including general topics of human behavior to specific topics of weaponry. Some common courses for an online associates degrees in homeland security include:

  • Fundamentals of Criminal Law: This course provides a basic working knowledge of the nature of criminal law, including the major definitions and concepts, classification of criminal law and criminal responsibility. This is an essential online homeland security associate degree course for all students interested in issues of homeland security.
  • Politics and Terrorism: Through critical thinking, students explore the problems and processes of political and economic development. In addition, students gain in-depth knowledge of specific countries in developing continents and study the history of terrorism within these areas.
  • Management and Disaster Recovery: This course provides a continuum of knowledge, from threat assessment and response to organizational structure for effective human and resource management. Management and disaster recovery is a crucial course for all areas of employment, from corporate entities to governmental agencies.


Graduates of an online associate’s program in homeland security gain entry into an essential field which offers many professional opportunities. Since the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent establishment of the department of homeland security, educational and job opportunities in this field have dramatically increased, and the need for online associates degrees in homeland security has grown .

Some common career opportunities for graduates with an online associate’s degree in homeland security include:

  • Border Patrol Agent: Border patrol agents protect and monitor all US borders, including waterways. A border patrol agent earns an average of $49,650 per year. Job growth is secure, growing at an average rate over the next ten years, and competition for positions as border patrol agents is strong.
  • Immigration Inspector: Individuals in this position screen and interview people entering the United States. An immigration inspector earns an average of $56,120 per year. As immigration is an increasingly important field, this career path expects fast growth over the next ten years.
  • Federal Coordinator Technician: Working for the Federal Emergency Management Administration, or FEMA, a federal control technician specializes in a field, such as terrorism or natural disaster, and works to assess risk and coordinate response. A federal control technician earns an average of $42,130 per year. As FEMA is now part of the Department of Homeland Security, students can expect strong, stable job growth in this field, although this position attracts highly qualified candidates.

The Department of Homeland Security is an essential element of modern government. Students graduating with an online associate’s degree in homeland security from the best online colleges can expect a wide variety of professional opportunities and a strong career path in this unique and interesting field.