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Online Associates in Elementary Education
Most states require that teachers receive a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education. However, an Online Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education from an accredited online institution can help you jumpstart similar careers and send you well on your way to contributing to a child’s education.

Online Associates Degrees in Elementary Education Requirements

Teaching elementary school students requires expert knowledge in the fields you will be teaching (such as art, science or math). In addition, teachers are expected to be up-to-date on the best and most current teaching techniques. An online associate’s degree in elementary education will help you gather the foundation for these necessary skills as you continue working.


Accredited online associates degree programs in elementary education typically take 2 years of full-time study to complete. Students can earn the following types of online associate degrees in elementary education:

  • Associate of Arts in Elementary Education (AA Degree in Elementary Education)
  • Associate of Science in Elementary Education (AS Degree in Elementary Education)
  • Associate of Applied Science in Elementary Education (AAS Degree in Elementary Education)

Many online associates elementary education students transfer into an online bachelor’s degree in elementary education program upon the completion of their degree.

Course Information

In addition to required general education coursework, good online associates degree in elementary education programs will offer a wide variety of topic-specific classes, including:

  • Child Psychology: Child psychology courses will help students learn not only about child development, but also specific disorders and situations many children will face.
  • Subject Specific: Students interested in teaching a subject-specific course, such as fifth grade math, will be expected to have taken several math courses. Additionally, students may be asked to be refreshed on most current learning methods to be better equipped to teach children.
  • Child Literacy: Literacy and language acquisition are extremely important facets of child learning. In this course, students learn the best techniques for reading and comprehension.


While most teaching careers require a four-year bachelor’s degree, there are many opportunities you can look forward to upon completion from a good online associates degree in elementary education program:

  • Special Education Elementary School Teacher: A special education teacher helps students with difficulties or disabilities with special needs to accomplish educational milestones. The average salary was $50,000 in 2008. Special Education teachers are always needed, so while there is no projected growth, there are always job openings, especially in urban and rural areas.
  • Elementary School Teacher: After achieving accreditation in your state, you will be qualified to teach students in kindergarten through sixth grade, helping them lay the foundation for future coursework. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean income for elementary school teachers was $53,000 in 2008. Due to a high turnover, jobs are often available, especially in rural and urban areas.
  • School Teacher in a Foreign Country: There is also possibility to go overseas to explore other teaching options, especially for native English-speakers to teach English. Income depends on the country and school, but teachers are typically paid the same as their local counterparts. The job outlook is typically strong, especially in areas such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

Associates degrees in elementary education from accredited online schools will help you lay the proper foundation for a career in elementary education, as well as provide many opportunities for the future.