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Online Associates in Economics
An online associate’s degree in economics provides graduates with theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on practice in all areas of business, financial trends and the economy. Employers seek educated, well-rounded employees for entry level positions in financial and business management and graduates of an online associate’s program in economics provide skilled workers in this important field. Online associate degree in economics students in these programs gain proficiency in critical thinking, analyzing data and understanding economic policy.

Online Associates Degrees in Economics Requirements

Students pursuing an online associate’s degree in economics gain expertise in all areas of economic policy, including politics, history and the mathematics behind the function of money systems. Thus, students should have a unique combination of skills to find success in this degree program. Online economics associates degree students must have strong writing and reading comprehension skills and a solid mathematics background.


Accredited online associate’s degree programs in economics typically take 2 years of full-time study to complete. Students can earn the following types of online associate degrees in economics:

  • Associate of Arts in Economics (AA Degree in Economics)
  • Associate of Science in Economics (AS Degree in Economics)

Many online associate’s economics students transfer into an online bachelor’s degree in economics program upon the completion of their degree.

Course Information

The understanding of economics is the basis for a well-rounded education as it provides skill in comprehending and debating world policy as well as fundamental financial skills required in employment, all of which are topics covered in an online economics associate degree program. Many online economics associate degree programs require strong interpersonal skills and have coursework that takes place in small groups.

Students in an online economics associate’s degree program may be required to take courses at a school online such as the following:

  • Macroeconomics: Macroeconomics deals with studying the role of government expenditures and taxation in relation to the modern market economy. This course investigates income, inflation and the relationships of money and scarcity.
  • Financial Markets: This course examines the effects of the global economy on financial markets, including interest rates, flow of funds, governmental regulation and debt.
  • Economic Geography: Economic geography studies the changing locations of economic activity, including agriculture, manufacturing and technological innovation.


Graduates holding an accredited associate’s degree in economics from an online college gain significant knowledge that is beneficial to companies and government agencies. The combination of financial understanding, interpersonal skills and critical thinking ability creates an employee with a unique and highly regarded skill set. Some career opportunities for graduates of an online degree program in economics include:

  • Research Assistant: A research assistant is responsible for understanding, gathering and analyzing current economic trends for a corporation or governmental agency. This position earns an average of $46,510 per year. Career opportunities are widely available as employees gain promotion quickly.
  • Business Manager: Business managers assist a corporation or government agency to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. A business manager is responsible for many areas of a business, including sales, marketing, human resources and future strategic goals. A business manager earns an average of $57,640 per year. Future job growth is expected at an average rate.
  • Purchasing Agent: The goal of a purchasing agent is to find the highest quality goods and services for the lowest price, whether those products are contracts, farm equipment or computer infrastructure. A purchasing agent earns between $41,670 and $70,910 per year. Job growth is expected at a faster than average rate.

Graduates of a top online associate’s degree program in economics gain skill and experience in a wide range of topics, which in turn provides many opportunities for career growth and educational advancement.